After leaving Cedar Point,the Armstrong clan journeyed to Canada to see Niagara falls and try some Canadian Hershey’s chocolate, which is better than American Hershey’s chocolate, for some reason. We had to stay one night just to say we did. The next morning, we faced the crackadon to journey to our cousin’s house. We had to stop at a tire repair place, as our car was being all weird and swervy. Once we made it to our cousin’s house, we met, we went swimming with Noah, ate dinner, and played Legos before heading to the trampoline with Anna and Noah.


After playing an air hockey tournament with John and Anna, we went and set off sparklers and snappers.


We soon learned that Rick is a ATF-certified pyrotechnician, so we made a lot of noise in their quiet neighborhood. All this fun led us to our next adventure: we went on a search for their dog Daisy after she ran away, we assume because the noise from the fireworks scared her. Then we all had a sleepover in Noah’s room. I woke up to find out that Daisy had returned filthy, but happy, and I had missed breakfast.


We played a little more and then our baby cousin Weston came over with his dad, David, who is also our cousin. We played on the trampoline then played some more air hockey.


After Weston went home, we played with Legos, then went into their awesome treehouse. We then had to say goodbye and Willy and Noah were very sad to have to separate, but we were going camping and they were going to an awesome concert event to see Toby Mac and some other pretty amazing artists. I think everyone will have some fun adventures, but we would love to spend more time with that branch of cousins.