June 14-15 2016

After waking up to the leftovers of a diabetic raccoons midnight snack, we packed up our camp and headed towards Lake of the Ozarks. We stopped at the Neighbor’s Mill Bakery for breakfast and had french toast and omelets. We also stopped for custard for the second time in two days. We also stopped and played football with a staff guy named Connor at Lake of the Ozarks. While trying to keep the ball from going into the lake, I myself ended up in the lake.


After drying out, we climbed in the car and drove to the birthplace of Mark Twain where we found the Mark Twain Brewery which broke the mediocrity record in the culinary industry.


We then went to the hotel in Quincy and watched food network for three hours. We woke up today around ten o clock and hit the road immediately to grab some Lunch at Zoup. We stopped for custard again and my dad’s only excuse was that he went to Crossfit back in Quincy. Sorry about my face in the first pic.

IMG_0932 IMG_0934

After custard we stopped at a little pond park thingy.

IMG_0928 IMG_0931

My brothers and I decided to make stick fishing poles and go fishing, but unfortunately didn’t catch anything due to the one hundred degree weather and our short attention spans.

IMG_0929 IMG_0927

My mom wanted to go hiking but the steamy weather had the same effect on her as it did on us boys, making us sweat about as much as a bull elephant.


After that little escapade we drove to the hotel and worked out then went to the Gabby Goat Bar and Grill for dinner and it had some sick Mozzarella sticks.