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First day on the road 2016

Nothing real exciting happened today, but we did eat at a Chicken Express and drove through some pretty thick fog on dark and twisty roads in rural Arkansas. I was just excited to finally get on the road, although we ended up staying in a hotel rather than camping. I was happy that I got to finish my Star Wars marathon in the car. However, yesterday, our whole family, minus the Wilverine, completed a Navy Seal Challenge at #CrossfitMotivity. It was the one-mile walking lunge challenge. It was awful, but also kind of awesome. Hence, today, we spent about 9.5 hours in the car and at least a half hour more climbing in or out. Every time someone had to move too far, the chorus of dramatic groaning began. We are so sore; we can’t wait to hit some trails tomorrow to stretch it out.

Hope to keep the blogging trend going and get some more posts up as the summer moves along. Peace out. #angryburrito #ArmstrongAdventures2016

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