ALCAN HWY – Day 2 – Fort Nelson to Whitehorse

Animals, animals, and more animals.
We saw lots of bears, caribou, deer, and bison all between Fort Nelson and Whitehorse.


Gas stations were few and far between but they did exist before you arrived at Watson Lake.
Watson Lake was by far the best place to get gas.
The sign post forest was at Watson Lake and that was a cool stop.
We added a road tripping for kids key chain to the forest.
Corn dog made wanted his picture taken as well.

The views of the lakes and mountains were way more impressive on this section as well.
There were tons of camp grounds all along the way.
We saw general Canadian camp grounds and RV parks.
Strawberry Flats was one of the best Canadian camp grounds we saw.
Stay away from the hotels and use the campgrounds.
The cost will be way less and the views way better.
If you have an RV, you can use RV parks or general Canadian camp grounds.

There were no restaurants of any kind on this section that we saw.
Bring your own sandwiches and such and plan to make a piknik.
The ALCAN is a long drive, but a fun drive for sure.