Apostle Islands

After taking off from the Porkies, we drove a couple hours to the Ferry dock so that we could cross the lake and go to the island. The beach was packed when we got there and we went to get some ice cream after setting up camp. Then we got back and cooked tacos and then sat by the fire and read Brian’s Winter before going to bed. We did’nt get much sleep because of all the loud drunk people. After about three hours of intermittent sleep we got up and everyone else went to the beach while I slept in my hammock. I got up and headed down to the beach for an hour before it got too cold and we went to make sandwiches and find some ice cream.


We drove around the island befre playing Uno for 4 hours while waiting for the fireworks to start. I have to say it was well worth the wait. The fireworks were really cool and the food at the beach club was pretty good.


We headed back to camp and read more of  Brian’s Winter and actually slept as there were less drunk people.