12th stop – Yosemite National Park

Well, we pulled out of Sequoia National Park and headed north to Yosemite.
It was hard to say goodbye to the Giant trees, but we had to move on.

As we entered the park, we found a grove of Giant trees in Yosemite.
We also learned at 4pm that it took roughly 4 hours to drive across the park.
Our camp site was on the other side so we hit the gas.
The drive across the park was incredible, but it was slow.
We saw waterfalls, whitewater, giant granite walls, cliffs, domes, and snow on the mountain tops.



Once we made all the way across, we found our campsite which was supposed to be just on the edge of the park.
It was actually about 40 miles south of the park and it was a goat ranch.
With a name like Convict Lake, what should we have expected.
We decided to find other lodging due to the lackluster campground and the effervescence of goat in our car.

We found a wonderful place in June Lake called the Boulder Lodge.  It was on a lake, has soft beds, and hot showers.
Also, there are no goats!

Today, we went back to Yosemite and spent the day playing in Teyana lake.  The water was about 50 degrees, but the boys loved it and hot tons of fun.

Sam – I loved the lake, but it was ice cold.  Why does everyone keep calling me little pawpaw!
Ben – I was kicking sand on these little kids that were being mean to me.  I am a big bully according to my mama.

Tomorrow, we head back through Yosemite and will go hiking to the Redwoood grove near the middle of the park.
From there, we head to San Fransisco.