11th stop – Death Valley and Sequoia National Park

We drove all the way from Vegas to Death Valley.
We stopped to get some gas before we started the VERY LONG drive through Death Valley.
The billboard on the town stated that this was the last place to fill up before you drove to Area 51.
I checked on the map and sure enough we were spitting distance from Groom Lake.


The drive through Death Valley was VERY LONG and HOTTTER than you could imagine.
Kelley made us all get out for the scenic view.
Ben stated that he hated all of us and they we were all going to burn up and die.
Several of the other people at the stop did not think it was funny.
It was very funny if you know Ben and his wonderful temperament.
Sam – it was very hot, but not as hot as lightning.


Sequoia National Park is amazing.
Ben – these trees are huge and big and fat – Oh – my goodness miss golly miss molly
Sam – this is boring and I hate trees – I just want to climb something
Ben – dear gussy these trees are big – I cannot even see the top
Wow does not describe these trees!
Ben – can you climb uncle Sherman ( it is actually General Sherman! )
General Sherman is perhaps is the biggest thing I have ever seen!



We are off to Yosemite tommorrow!
More redwoods and rivers.

The A-team