10th stop – Las Vegas, Nevada – Luxor

We pulled out of the Grand Canyon Natinal Park on Monday morning.
The drive along the north rim to Zion National Park was really pretty.

We drove up into Utah and drove through Zion National Park to see Zion Canyon.
Sammy – I think this place is weird and very boring.
Ben – I liked all of the trees and some really cool tunnels.
The canyon was really cool as you can actually drive to the bottom and there are several tunnels that are cut right through the mountains of the canyon.


We stopped at the Dairy Queen in Hurricane, Utah for a burger and blizzard.
The fry sauce was really good – believe it or not.

Finally, we made it to Las Vegas, Nevada.
The boys thought the advertising trucks driving down the strip were funny.
We did not find the not-so-fully-clothed pictures as funny.
They though the Luxor and Excalibur were very cool indeed.

The boys loved the Buffet – Sam and Ben had to eat at all of the countries.
Sammy decided to skip Asia as he had to cut back somewhere.
Sam was so overwhelmed with joy at the mere site of the food that he ended up eating about 10 plates of food.
Ben looked as though he was about 7 months along after his 7 course dessert setup.
Both of them has asked to go back for the buffet at least 10 times.



We are off to Death Valley and Sequoia National Forest~!

The A-team