9th stop – Grand Canyon part II

We have now been here for 2 full days and it is really cool.
We have ventured to the Imperial Point and Cape Royal.
There are many nice spots to stop along the way to each view.
Sam and Ben did some power-lifting.


From Cape Royal, you can see the Colorado through Angel’s window.
You can see the triangular hole in the mountain in the pic.
Through this hole, you can see the Colorado rushing.
It is very cool.


The walk out on top of Angel’s window is very narrow and tricky.
Sammy, thinking he is a Mountain Goat, tried to jump up a rock and fell off on the way off the mountain.
Thank the lord for guard rails as he needed one.
Ben fell earlier and they had to compare wounds.


We hiked from our campground to the North Rim lodge.  The view is spectacular.
We hiked a different trail back.


We are heading back up to the North Rim for the sunset.
It should be very nice.

We head to Las Vegas, Nevada in the morning.
The boys think Elvis is playing at the Flamingo!

The A-Team