8th stop – The GRAND Canyon

We made it!
We arrived at the Grand Canyon and saw a herd of Buffalo as we were driving in.

We stopped off and made a picnic at the East Rim.
It is free to camp anywhere on the East Rim – this is not an advertised thing!
Park road 611 – 4 miles before the Grand Canyon National Park entrance.
We camped here about 11 years ago.

See the pic of the boys – view from the East Rim.
Sam – Man what happened to those trees.
Ben – We really worked that big log over and we did not fall in the Canyon behind us, but we almost did.


We are staying at the North Rim Camp Ground!
It was about 50 for a low and will reach 85 or so for a high.
We are hiking down into the Canyon today – about a mile.

This place is awesome!