7th stop – Kayenta, Arizona

Rio Grande Gorge – forgot to post about this earlier
We stopped and took a peak at the Rio Grande Gorge.
What a view.
Met a hunting guide named Andres and he gave the boys mule deer antlers.


Stopping here on the way to the Grand Canyon —
Boys got to play in a mud hut – see pic

Wrapped up our New Mexico visit after 5 days at the Plaza haunted hotel.
Had friends in room 310 of the Plaza and Byron T paid them a visit at least two times..
He kept turning on the lights in their bathroom!

We are on our way to the Grand Canyon.
Stopped in Tuba City and just short of Page.

We are currently across the street from the DeMotte Campground.
It is about 75 degrees.
Almost to the North Rim.ateam_north_rim_storeboys_in_mud_hut