4th stop – Palo Duro Canyon

Wow – hotter than haedes here!  It is roughly 119 degrees in the shade.
Trianchulas are everywhere and they are big, black, and hairy!
Sam and Ben – we almost caught us a Turkey – just like bowling!
Sam and Ben – the plan is to kill a Turkey tonight or a deer – we have weapons ( shovels and hammers ).

Kelley, Paw-Paw, and I went for a hike – Kelley and I turned back at mile 3 as it was 107 degrees.
Paw-paw decided it was time for a run at 12:00 – he gave us the last of his water and off he went
8 miles later – he dragged back up at camp and boy was he thirsty and swollen!
The joys of camping!

Next – we went to the Cadillac ranch – what a cool place to practice graffiti!

blog_triantulaSam, Ben, Paw-Paw,1/2 of Nana

Sam, Ben, Paw-Paw,1/2 of Nana