5th stop – Texas the Musical / 4th of July Celebration

Texas the Musical
Sam – It was really good.  I liked Calvin Armstrong – he was cool!
Ben – It was sweeeeet.  I liked all the singing, dancing, and horses.  I like umh umh umh it when the Colonel Henry umh uhm was talking / aguing with Calvin.
The fire on the side of the moutain was cool.
Kelley – I liked the historical aspect and pioneer spirit.
Stacey – I really liked watching the show with my boys and my pretty wife!

The fireworks show was awesome!  We were up close and it was really really loud and intimate / exciting.

After the show, it rained all night and our tent leaked.  Luckily, it only leaked on Kelley and the rest of us were cold and damp, but not soaked.   It was much cooler than the 107 the night before.

We are now in Las Vegas, New Mexico at the Historic Plaza Hotel.
The boys think it is haunted which is going to make our 5 days very fun.