Alaska – The Kenai Peninsula – Part 2

Day 3- Homer

We finished out June by visiting Homer, AK. It is an interesting little town. You can see mountains and glaciers surrounding the bay there, when they’re not covered in clouds.
We thought we had found the Doctor, but it turned out to be an imposter. Homer has this 4-mile piece of land that juts out into Kachemak Bay, almost dividing it in 2. It’s called the Homer Spit and it’s full of touristy little shops and restaurants and crowded with an insane nuber of fishermen and campers all over any vacant space. It was a little crowded for us, but we finished our day there, just for the ice cream.


A little further inland, we found some easy wetland hikes to which we are pretty sure the townsfolk conspiratorially send visitors as blood sacrifices to the pterodactyl-sized mosquitoes. We are tougher than mosquitoes though. At one point, our parents were lagging behind us when they rounded a corner to find themselves almost nose-to-nose with a mama moose & her baby. It was a magical meeting! We are pretty sure they wouldn’t have seen her if we had been with them. Our youngest bro is kind of loud.

Day 4- Russian River

While none of us really get excited about spending a whole day fishing, we have been reading about the life cycle of salmon. They live a few years in freshwater where they are born, then their bodies adapt to saltwater & they head out into the harshest ocean environment around, then they mature & have to work so hard to get back upstream to their spawning grounds where they reproduce, then they die. Just like that.  And they somehow miraculously remember from whence they came and they return there to spawn and die.

Anyway, we hiked along the Russian Lakes Trail to get a glimpse of the salmon run today and it was a fascinating sight!

On another note, we had the best weather we have had since arriving. It only rained on us for a few minutes before our hike. Today was a win for sure!

(Props to our mom for lending us the words from her FB posts to get this blog post moving.)