Pictured Rocks Part I

After saying goodbye to Mackinack island, we headed towards the town of Munising for a race. My parents woke up very early the next morning to run, and then came back to get up and head to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to camp. We spent the first day setting up, building huge fires, and complaining about the bugs.


We had pork chops and potatoes for dinner, and then me and Ben decided to take a bath in the lake, which really meant jumping in and immediately jumping back out because the water was so cold, then jumping back in the lake because the bugs were eating us alive, and going back and forth until we were so cold we couldn’t feel our feet. Then we retreated to our fire which warmed us up and kept the bugs away, and read the end of The River, before heading to bed in our hammocks. We got about three hours of sleep before a huge windstorm which scared everyone to death. We woke up and headed into town to buy groceries, then went and got backcountry permits. By this time it was raining pretty hard so we drove around and went to Hardee’s for lunch. Then we checked out Miner’s Castle and headed back to camp to make silver turtles. We went to bed early so we would be rested up for backpacking the next day.