Car Fun

My mom always lets us pick out snacks that we want to take on our roadtrips.  The day before we leave, we all divide up our snacks into snack size ziplocs, then label them and put them in the ice chest or in the big snack bag.  We always have water bottles in the ice chest and some in the secret compartment in the van.

For the long hours in the car, we recommend:

Pipe cleaners for all sorts of creations, magnetic board games, joke books, homemade games (printable PDF versions of ours will be available soon), Wiz Kids®, Think it Through® tiles, and It's a Match!® (thinking games available through Discovery Toys).  

Mindtrap is also a family favorite, but my little brother can't really play it very well yet.  It's for big kids.

Our family also likes to tell spooky or funny stories and sing along to lots of different songs. We always get to make our own CD's (or folders on the iPod) for roadtrips too.  

For trips over 4 hours, Mom and Dad let us bring our DVD player and lots of DVD's.  

We recommend the following DVD's:
Planet Earth series by Discovery Channel
Amazing Planet
March of the Penguins
School House Rocks!
Star Wars (any of the episodes)
National Treasure (1 & 2)